DK Breakfast Menu

Breakfast (A) £10.50/head

Tea and coffee, herbal tea, fresh orange juice and Mineral water

Smoked Salmon Bagels, Pastries, Croissants and Pain aux Chocolate, Danish pastry, muffins  (2 items per guest)

Yogurts, Granola, Mixed fruit

Breakfast (B) £12.70/head

Tea and coffee, herbal tea, fresh orange juice and Mineral water

Croissant with ham & cheese, tomato & cheese

White and brown Rolls with Bacon & Brown Sauce, cucumber & Cream Cheese, eggs & Cheese, eggs & Tomato(2 items per guest)

Yogurts, Granola, Mixed fruit

Breakfast (C) £18.00/head

Tea and coffee, herbal tea, fresh orange juice and Mineral water

Hot buffet full English breakfast

Baguette, white and brown toast bread, butter and Marmite

Fired bacon, Cumberland sausage, baked beans, hash brown, scramble eggs, mushroom, baked tomato, hash brown


Assorted Fruit Platter per person………………………..…. £2.10

Assorted Slice Fruit Platter per person………………………..…. £1.90

Assorted fruit kebabs Platterper person………………………..…. £1.90



Autumn/Winter simple Studio Menus £19.95

Chicken supreme in red wine and red onions sauce
Roasted baby chicken (coq au vin style) with red wine and bacon sauce
Chicken stroganoff (chicken breast in paprika and tomato sauce )
Spanish chicken stew (spicy chorizo, black olive, chicken and bay leaves sauce) Aubergine stuffed with mushrooms risotto ( veg option)
Baked Cod filet with butter beans and wine tomatoes with lemon and coriander sauce Pearl barley risotto with peas, carrots, mushrooms, celery ( veg option)


Roasted baby potatoes in lemon thyme or Pilaf Rice Mix seasonal leaves, tomato, cucumber Italian dressing Assorted root vegetables

Dessert of the day



Hot Buffet A Lunch

Pie Menu  £18.00

 Beef, kidney & Ale Pie (free range beef steak, kidneys, fresh herbs and ale)

Bacon, Chicken and Tarragon (free range british chicken, smoky bacon, roast garlic and vermouth)

Wild mushroom & asparagus (v) (wild mushrooms, asparagus, shallots, white wine and black pepper)

Goat Cheese  (v) (goats cheese, sweet potato, spinach, red onion and roasted garlic)

Fisherman Pie (smoked haddock, salmon and pollock , Prawns in creamy sauce)

Steak & Ale (free range beef steak, cracked black pepper and real ale)


 British Beef Steak & Chorizo (British beef steak, chorizo, olives, tomato, sherry and butter beans)

All served with gravy


Main Menu B £19.95

Please choose a suitable mixture for the size of the production i.e. one or two main courses and one or two salads/sides or let the chef decide for you, please let us know if there are any dietary requirements or allergies that we should be aware of.

Traditional Beef Bourguignon, with bacon, carrots, mushroom in deep red wine sauce

Baked fish of the day, with tomato concasse , coriander, lemon zest

Chicken filet wrap in bacon baked in fresh pesto sauce

Chicken Stroganoff with mushrooms and smoked paprika sauce

Stuffed aubergine with broccoli and stilton risotto served with chive sauce

Chicken Thai green curry with aubergine and small vegetables

Provencal Tart, with Portebolo mushrooms, melted mozzarella red onions and pesto

Chicken Basquaise cooked in peppers and tomato sauce

Goat cheese, plum tomato, black olive quiche

Lamb Moussaka with mince lamb, Puy lentil and béchamel

Curry seasonal vegetable stew

Cumberland sausage with red onions and wine gravy

Albondigas (Spanish style lamb meatballs in a rich tomato sauce)

Aubergine Moussaka, with Puy lentil and béchamel

Broccolli and Stilton quiche


For Menu  (please choose side dishes A&B)

A Choose 1:

Butter mash potatoes

Roasted potatoes with thymes and   garlic

Homemade roasted potatoes wedges Medley of roasted roots vegetables

Sweet mash potatoes Celery puree

Cauliflower puree

Baby potatoes butter and Rosemary

Pilaf rice   

Parsnip mash

Roasted beetroot

Summer roasted vegetables

Parsnip and celeriac bake

Broccoli and cauliflower gratin

Seasonal vegetable of the month

B Choose   1: 

Seasonal fresh leaves and herbs   salad with citurs dressing.

Salad   with peas, peas shoot feta cheese, mint and chili served with French   dressing.  

Cauliflower and broccoli croquant   with celery, white almonds, with a sweet pomegranate dressing.

Tagliatelle of vegetables in orange dressing with croustini crouton.

Carpaccio of courgette, roasted   pine nuts and parmesan with olive oil dressing.

Fine green, chilli, black sesame   seeds in garlic olive oil dressing.

Roasted cherry wine tomatoes

Butter fine green beans 

Watercress, lambs lettuce salad with feta cheese   and beetroot, walnuts, figs.

Quinoa topped with mixed bean   shoots, peas, fried tofu and red chilli dressing

Asparagus sautéed with white   almond and Manchego cheese.

Tomato plum, sundried tomato,   spring onions salad.

Rocket   and shaved Parmesan  salad with lemon olives oil dressing. 

Mix   summer vegetables (red onions, courgettes, peppers, cherry tomato, aubergine)   in thyme's  olives oil. 

Mix   winter Roost vegetables (beetroot, parsnips, butternuts squash, red onions,   carrots) 



Afternoon Tea

The classic selection of sandwiches served with Afternoon Tea   includes:



Egg   mayonnaise with cress

Smoked   salmon with cream cheese

Coronation   chicken

Ham   and mustard

Homemade  cakes may  include

Orange   and Polenta

Victoria   sponge

Coconuts   cake

Chocolate   cake

Carrots   cake

Coffee   cake

Lemon   Drizzle cake